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How Genetic Testing Can Help You with Your Overall Health

Things like the temperament of being a plate-spinner are intimately connected to our genes. Just as we all have varying approaches to undertaking anything in life, we all have unique physical responses and capabilities, many of which are genetically determined, and can impact your overall health. I see this all too often with tolerances, for example to medications and herbs. It is not one dose … [Read More...]

Baby Blueprints Book Launches to Overwhelming Response!

I cannot thank everyone enough for all the support with my Baby Blueprints book launch. If you did not get your copy of the book, you can still take advantage of the free Kindle version on Amazon. The response has been overwhelming and the book reached #1 on Amazon for books on Genetics and # 5 for Books on Pregnancy! Your support and interest in learning more about genetic testing to have … [Read More...]