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Acu-points are truly amazing!

Did you know that acu-points on your body can do truly amazing things? For example, there are points that can help your body process hormones, so you are less cranky during your menstrual cycle (or for the guys reading this, for assistance, in surviving a woman’s cycle). As I’ve previously noted, there are also acupuncture points which boost your immune system or help you heal after an … [Read More...]

Processing of Sperm Samples: What You Need to Know (Part 1)

What you need to know about the processing of sperm samples. This is part one in a 3-part blog series about semen analysis, or “sperm counts”. Did you know that semen analysis is not just used to count sperm? It also evaluates: Sperm production (quantity) Assesses how sperm are moving (quality) Examines secretions of the genital tract A man’s fertility is never determined by a semen … [Read More...]